Intergalactic War has long afflicted the Cosmoverse, but now even the prison planets are no longer safe from its wrath. The time has come, Celestial vs. Sovereign Sovereign has won! The losing planet will be absorbed by the winning planet!

Does your planet have what it takes? Or will it be lost in the fire of war? Collect Aether Shards through Mining, Quests or Buying them from the Cosmic General at /spawn, the planet with the most shards at the end of the war wins!

** All ranks, kits, store purchased items and unlocks will transfer.


A completely revamped system with fundamental new ways to build your God Sets and challenge other prisoners! Keep your swords close, as the Cosmonauts lose control of the prison planets, nowhere is safe.

Enchantment Books

Orbs no longer apply to weapons and armor! Purchase Mystery Enchantment Books from the /enchanter at spawn. Enchantment Books require you to charge them with Cosmic Energy to apply them. Once the Enchantment Book has full Cosmic Energy, you can either apply it to your equipment OR attempt to level it up in the Wormhole!

If the enchantment book's "enchant" rate fails, and its "destroy" rate succeeds, your item could be destroyed when you try to apply the book!

Use /help books and /help pages to read more in-game.

Item Levels

Weapons and armor now have a max # of enchantments limit (item level) based on the item's material and enchantment's level, so choose wisely!

Leather: 11 levels (10 enchantment slots)

Gold: 21 levels (20 enchantment slots)

Iron: 31 levels (30 enchantment slots)

Diamond: 41 levels (40 enchantment slots)

Maximum Security PvP Pit

A deadly new PvP-area has been discovered in the Prisons! The Maximum Security PvP Pit was lost by the guards years ago and is now controlled by the Gangs! It is rumoured that this area contains meteorites that yield Emerald! Only the hardest of Criminals ever dare to venture here!

Round up your crew and descend into the pit... if you dare.